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Jetwave Falcon

Available in Single Phase and Three Phase Configurations

Jetwave Falcon 130-10 1900psi @ 10lpm – Single Phase

Jetwave Falcon 200-17 3000psi @ 17lpm – Three Phase

Jetwave Falcon 200-21 3000psi @ 21lpm – Three Phase

Quiet, Economical, Easy Operation
Delayed Total Stop System
Low Speed Pump for Longer Run times, Increased Reliability & Longer Maintenance Intervals


Multifunction Safety Control™ (MSC) for overall unit protection.

Formed steel cover to safeguard
the heart of your investment.

Ceramic Tech Gun for operator
ease and longer life.


The Jetwave® Falcon™ 200-17 is the perfect electric pressure washer for daily usage and applications. Incorporating quality Italian and global components, the Falcon™ is engineered, assembled and packed with style and advant grade features.
  • Multifunction Safety Control™ (MSC):
    – Intelligent proportional switch off
    – Micro Leakage Control (MLC)
    – Dry running protection
    – Nozzle clogged control
    – Working hours counter
    – Flooding prevention system
  • Maintenance free low speed, electric motor, air cooled and protected with thermal cut-out.
  • Professional Italian triplex pump delivers performance and longer life.
  • Low speed professional pump for increased reliability and longer maintenance intervals.
  • Oversize anti-flat wheels.
  • Heavy duty oversized washable inlet water filter.
  • Professional line accessories with integrated storage for cable, gun and lance.
  • Dual M22 screw hose coupling system.
  • Anti-kink hose swivel.
  • Quality pressure gauge.

Technical Specifications

Motor type Induction
Power Supply Ph/V/Hz/A 3/415/50/13.8
Absorbed Power kW/pole 6.4/4 (1400)
Cable Length metres 5.5
Control type Delayed Total Stop™ – DTS
Pump/Head/Pistons type Annovi Reverberi (AR) Plunger Triplex / Brass / Ceramic
Motor Pump Coupling type Direct with maintenance bushing
Pump Speed RPM 1450
Unloader Valve type Brass; Bolt on Banjo
Orifice/Nozzle size 055

Typical Applications

-Heavy Industry

-Car Yards and Hire
-Construction Industry
-Automotive Wash Bays